Professional Development for Teachers

1.  Fall Semester: East Asian History and Culture for Teachers Workshop and Course: Special Topics on Japan meeting Kansas Social Studies Standard #4: Continuity & Change Over Time.​ 


During the fall semester, KCTA offers an East Asian history and culture for teachers workshop and course focused on Japan.  This is a 12-contact hour professional development opportunity for K-14 educators in conjunction with the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival.  This workshop in the blended format provides both content and resources to enhance the global competencies of students in all grades and subject areas by learning about a particular aspect of Japan. Instruction is via face-to-face lecture and discussion as well as multi-media presentations online. Topics and educational resources that correspond to state and national standards for social studies are emphasized, but will benefit teachers of other subject areas including language arts, gifted education and the arts.  

Following formal instruction in the morning, participants attend for FREE the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival, which offers a variety of presentations and demonstrations throughout the day on traditional Japanese practices such as the tea ceremony, martial arts, and Zen gardens. Benefits for successful completion of the workshop include educational resources, copies of PowerPoint presentations, and 12 PD hours towards eligibility for subsidized study tours to East Asia through the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia. Option for one graduate credit also is available through Baker University Graduate School of Education as detailed in the syllabus.  Cost to participants for the credit is $70.

Dates and Location:

October 7, 2017 Johnson County Community College, 12345 College Blvd., Overland Park, Kansas 

Topic for 2017: Japan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Contemporary challenges facing Japan and their importance for America including those in population, sustainability, technology, popular culture, income distribution and military alliances.   

For more information or to apply: Contact Nancy Hope at


2.  Fall and Spring Semesters: Professional Development on China, Korea and Japan


During the fall and spring semesters, KCTA offers FREE 2-two hour professional development sessions for K-14 educators to be conveniently held in the participants' school or district.  Sessions will cover the topics listed below and the many resources available for teaching about them. Suggestions on additional topics are welcomed as well.  Content is based on the ever-popular East Asian History and Culture for Teachers seminar conducted by KCTA in Kansas, western Missouri and South Dakota for the past seventeen years while suggested resources are continually updated to include the newest and most germane. 
Knowing more about China, Korea and Japan is increasingly important for all Americans given the global realities of today. While sessions are designed primarily to address curriculum standards for social studies, art and the humanities, they will benefit teachers of all grades and subjects areas.  We would welcome suggestions for additional topics too.

A.  Social Studies Presentations 

1.  Using Art as Primary Source Documents: Japanese Prints as a Case Study

2.  Geography of China

​3.  Cultural Foundations: Rice, Silk, Language, and Treasures of the Chinese Scholar

​4.  Chinese Religious Tradition: Folk Belief, Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism

​5.  Terracotta Army and Great Wall

​6.  Silk Road

​7.  Mongol Rule in China

​8.  Trading Stories: Voyages of Zheng He, Porcelain, and the Opium Wars

​9.  How China Got So Rich: From Backwater to International Power in Just 25 Years

10. Early Japan: Cultural Roots, Language, Shintoism

​11. Samurai: Men of War, Men of Peace

12.  Meiji: The Modernization of Japan

13.  21st Century Japan : Population and Economic Pressures, Creative and Military Responses 

​14. Korea at a Glance: Continuing Traditions and Contemporary Themes in the North and South

B.  Art and Humanities Presentations

1.  Using Art as Primary Source Documents: Japanese Prints as a Case Study

1.  Chinese Painting

​2.  Chinese Architecture

​3.  Chinese Gardens

​4.  Japanese Painting

​5.  Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-e)

​6.  Japanese Architecture

​7.  Japanese Gardens

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Nancy Hope at   






National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA)

The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia provides an array of resources for educators teaching about China, Korea and Japan.  Click here to reach the NCTA homepage.

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